• Iain McDonald

Roof inspections made easy

Bad weather often highlights problems with roofing and guttering. Height can make access difficult without bringing in expensive machinery or even setting up scaffold. Our aerial roof inspections can save time, money and uncertainty by giving you an all around 4k video of your roof, HD still photos to pinpoint areas of concern and we can provide you all the evidence you need to approach roofing contractors with confidence.

A typical mission will involve a pre-flight survey, highlighting dangers such as telegraphy cables, overhanging trees and low flying aircraft! Once we are 100% certain that it is safe to fly, we will send up one of our fleet to comprehensively map and log the condition of your roof. You can sit in the warmth of your house while we work, or you can monitor what is happening on a screen and when we have finished, we will download all footage and pictures to a device of your choice, allowing you to act confidently when arranging repairs!

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